Buster the Labrador Retriever (#MFRWauthor first memory)

I have found that the older I get the faster time seems to go and the more nostalgic the memories, so this was a great topic for a blog.

When I was very young, %#@!* years ago, my mom had a big, black Labrador Retriever. Man, I loved that dog! And mostly because he let me do anything to him—pull his ears, ride him like a pony, fall asleep on him. My grandmother’s house had a big porch with concrete steps leading down to the sidewalk and street. Mom would put me out there while she sat just inside the house and tell Buster (the dog’s name, not mine), “You watch her now and don’t let her get near the steps.” By golly, if I dared move toward the steps he would nudge me back. I couldn’t have asked for a better protector or friend. Buster was my first introduction to dogs and I’ve loved Labs since. We’ve never had another Lab, but I grew up around beagles and shelties, both great breeds though not with a place in my heart like Buster.

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    1. You’re so right! Remember when you were waiting to get your driver license? Felt like the day would never arrive. Now next week seems to show up tomorrow!

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