The Favorite Thing I’ve Written

Usually, I start writing with what I think is a good storyline. And usually it’s a storyline with characters I’ve let rattle around in my head for some unspecified amount of time. But (usually) by the time I finish off the book I’m ready to let those characters go and move on to the next thing that’s been rattling around. So by definition, my favorite thing to have written is that story I just finished and shipped off. Nothing like being DONE to make a piece my favorite.

I think that must indicate a short attention span on my part, right? Even as a child I was never all that patient. When my mom found out after the first book that I managed to stay put long enough to write a first book, she was kind of surprised. I never could have written a sequel to that book, however, or a series. I’d given those characters their happy ever after and they had to give up the stage to new characters in new settings. So now you know my dirty little secret.

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